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(Hey, I'm just wondering if you know what Mariska says when Juliet shoots her out of her bubble and the timer starts? I always mean to listen but I get caught up in the fight and just go straight for her, as do people on youtube)

((I’m pretty sure there are a few different lines that rotate each time you play the boss, I think? I know she says these for sure, I’ve heard them in various playthroughs and stuff:

- “Hear the thunder and rage of the people, piss on the graves of the fallen warriors, and pray your soul rot away”

- “Ambition, courage, pride, prayers, freedom, nourishment, despair, atonement, chaos”

- “A trillion butterflies dance, engulfing the world, their fluttering wings eating away at our souls” (This one’s the one I have on my profile because it’s my favorite ouo))

- “Red, blue, white, blue, green, brown, cyan, magenta, yellow, black”

- “Time is always cruel, iron is always cold, flames always burn.”

- “Close your eyes sweet, believe in all that I am, and let the corruption seep up from the base of your heart.”

- “Surrender your body to me, abandon what you call yourself, and rot to your very core.”))

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